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About Herbal Henna

The enchanting world of Henna

Commar And
 Associates Private LimitedSince time immemorial, henna has been adorning the hands and feet of brides and holds a significant place in the traditional and cultural history of India. Henna is an open shrub with heavily scented, small cream flowers and blue black fruit. The word Henna has its origin in the Arabic word Al-Hinna.
The earliest evidence of the cosmetic use of henna is from ancient Egypt. Botanists believe that the plant's origin is somewhere in Persia and in India has been in use since about 700 AD. Henna has been very popular for more than 5000 years now.
The leaves, flowers and the twigs of the plant are ground into fine powder containing natural dying properties called tannins; the powder is then mixed with hot water. As a healing plant, henna conditions, cleanses, colours and cools the skin. Henna designs are used to celebrate any special occasion - an initiation, a birth of baby, and remains a sacred practice intended not just to beautify the body but to invite grace and good fortune into one's home, one's marriage, and one's family. It is a kind of talisman, a blessing upon the skin. The usage of henna is not only restricted to body painting, it has various other features and applications.

Benefits of Henna:
Henna encompasses the majestic features of Mother Nature and boasts of some striking features and advantages. Henna acts as a purifying and nourishing agent for the skin. It is also renowned for its healing qualities. According to ancient beliefs, henna is said to bring good luck. During hot weather, henna acts as a cooling agent when applied to the palms of the hands and the bottoms of the feet.

Henna based colours:
Henna based colours and dyes are extremely popular and safe to use. Various shades are procured by mixing henna with the leaves and fruit of other plants, such as indigo, tea, coffee, cloves and lemon. The resulting paste is often used as a hair dye. It is proved that henna's application on hair softens the texture and also works as a dandruff lotion. It is also believed to condition and revitalise hair, kill lice and prevent hair loss. Our henna hair dyes are ideal for maintaining the acid balance of hair and acts as nature's best colorants and conditioners on any kind of hair.

It is very unusual for anyone to have an adverse reaction to natural henna as it is one of the safest cosmetics ever used, but if one is concerned then a patch test could be the answer.

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